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Company Overview

Azteca Tax Systems (ATS) has supported tax offices since the year 2006. We are focused on providing one of a kind tech and tax preparation support. Our team members can assist you in every aspect of the technical side of your business to the preparation of a tax return (networking, ATS software installation, printer configurations, billing, etc.). Our dedicated IT team will make sure that all your inquiries are answered and taken care of. Dedication, respect, and professionalism will make it a pleasant experience.

We train tax preparers to master and utilize each tool that ATS software has to offer. Making a busy office have a smooth work flow during the busy days of the year. “Point to click error” is one of the most efficient tools to expedite your tax preparations. ATS paperless feature also makes it easier for a tax preparer to have access to files at the click of a button.

With the importance of compliance and licensing, Azteca Tax Systems provides a variety of courses to keep you licensed and up-to-date with the IRS compliances. Switching to ATS software is a hassle-free experience. Our dedicated team will conduct special one on one trainings to take advantage of its full capacity.

Azteca Tax Systems will be the perfect fit for any Tax Preparation company. Together we can grow and become more successful.


Los Angeles, California

Santa Ana, California

Norwalk, California



Lazaro Penaloza

Executive Manager

Sol Gomez

Sales Representative

Rosaura Baltazar

Tax Advisor
Tech Support

Carmen Ross

Tax Advisor
Tech Support

Esmeralda Baltazar

Customer Service

Jessica Gonzales

Customer Service
Tech Support

Jocelyn Medina

Tech Support

Ivan Quintero

Tech Support


Tax Preparer
Tax Instructor



John Ross

Network Technician

Erwing J. Cuevas

UI/UX Designer 
& Developer

CALL US: 714-363-0006

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